July 17, 2019

Assessment Centre. Sorted

One of the benefits of having a former IBM recruiter in the GSM Careers team is that we can run activities that are as real as possible. That was the premise under which John Liberty organised Assessment Centres. Sorted last week.

So, how come you may not have heard of this event? Assessment Centres are by nature small. Typically only ten or fifteen candidates might attend. They also require a lot of staffing. You may get one staff member per two candidates. So we decided to keep this real and invite students to attend. We asked academic staff to propose students and we very much focused on their top choices.

The Assessment Centre included an interactive workshop on recruitment methods, a numerical test, logic exercise and group discussion. 21 students attended and were assessed by members of the Careers team and Academic staff. It was an excellent collaboration.


John Liberty put several weeks of work into making this event the success it was. It’s great to see students appreciate his efforts!

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