June 19, 2019

AI-proof your career with a degree from GSM London


Recent reports have been stating that AI will take over our jobs before long and render humans effectively redundant in the future workplace. As sensational and largely unfounded as these may be, there can be no denying that artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more common in certain industries, and it is important these days to ensure that you are entering a sector in which humans still play a significant role.

In the latest feature here at the GSM London blog, we take a look at just what industries and jobs are safe, and which degrees you should still be considering.


Is AI Taking Over Jobs

In all honesty, the fact of the matter is that artificial intelligence isn’t really taking our jobs, but more our tasks. From Google’s algorithm, to car making processes, there can be little denying that the advances in artificial intelligence has saved money, sped tasks up and ultimately made life easier for a lot of companies and businesses. But this isn’t something we need to fear and should be embraced, as humans will always be the ones who control this technology and choose how best it should be used.


Which Jobs Have Been Replaced by Robots

This said, it is prudent for you to consider a degree and a career in which you are unlikely to be replaced, even in part, by a robot or some form of artificial intelligence. The following jobs are the ones that are seen by many to be under the most threat.

1. Television & Film Projectionist

Whilst humans will always be responsible for writing and acting in films and television, many of the entry level jobs such as projectionists, are now done by robots.

2. Assembly & Construction

As we have touched on, car assembly and other similar menial factory tasks are now done completely by robots and artificial intelligence. Whilst this saves time and money, this has cut jobs and removed a route that many would have taken into what can be a lucrative industry.

3. Law

This one is perhaps the most controversial, but there is a strong argument that artificial intelligence could be taking jobs in the law industry. Lawyers are notoriously expensive and recent test have proven that modern robots can now undertake tasks such as legal discovery, contract creation, fine negotiation and even divorce proceedings.


Which Degree Courses Are Safe from AI

So, although we have discussed how humans are incredibly unlikely to be replaced by robots, which of the great courses we have available here at GSM London are considered to be “safe” from future technology and the so-called rise of the robots?

1. Digital Innovation

If you can’t beat them, join them. Technology is clearly going to be at the heart of the industry and our economy for forever more so why not ensure you have all the skills to embrace this? Our MBA (Digital Innovation) allows you to learn just how you can shape organisations from a digital perspective, future proofing you from future developments

2. Economics

The economy is going nowhere, and it could well be that by gaining your BSc (Hons) Economics degree, you learn just how artificial intelligence is going to play a role. This course mixes transferable skills with traditional economics disciplines and will surely guarantee success however the role of AI and robots develop.


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If you have found this article interesting or useful, then why not get in touch with the GSM London team to discuss our range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses? We will be able to answer any questions you may have about the role of artificial intelligence and just which course is perfect for you. We will be sure to advise you on what jobs may be jeopardy of Ai taking over.  Click here to get in touch right away.

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