July 17, 2019

Time for a Modern CV

Times 0913I recently contributed to an article for The Times newspaper about the 21st Century CV:

It’s easy to get distracted with high-tech solutions these days. Students are told they need to dazzle employers and the web is full of glitzy tools to do that. What we find though is that in the 21st century, content is king. Your CV has to look good, but the content needs to dazzle, not just the font.

Nowadays employers expect so much from candidates. Taking part in sport or societies, working part-time, doing internships is now seen as standard, not extraordinary. Using LinkedIn to build connections and develop knowledge is SO last year. What more can you do? It seems each year the standard increases.

One of the most beautiful CVs I’ve seen was printed onto fabric. It was a textiles student applying her knowledge in a really tactile way. But I wouldn’t send that to a banker! Nowadays there are so many techniques and tools you can use to stand out, but you always have to think about the recruiter and what they would need.

There are wonderful tools like www.visualcv.com where you can integrate video, powerpoint, images, text, social media integration and really showcase your abilities. It is a fantastic way of promoting show-reels, designs, presentations, info-graphics and so much more. But even with such tools, the golden rule is “less is more” – give enough to generate interest, but not too much to frustrate.

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