June 26, 2019

2016 – What’s on the Horizon?

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The Horizon Award

So first up let me point out that this blog is not one of those “peering into the future” posts which attempts to foretell the future and fails miserably. Instead it is to draw your attention to a great opportunity that is open to all GSM students.

The Horizon Employability Award was launched last November to bring an extra dimension to what students can achieve whilst they study at GSM London. It brings the opportunity for all students to enrich their personal GSM experience, and allows them to reflect how they can best prepare for the world of work.  Already since its launch the award attracted the attention and interest of over 150 students.

So if you want to be part of this exciting programme and learn how you can gain a real competitive edge in the graduate job market of today. Email horizon.award@gsm.org.uk.

The next round of induction opportunities will be conducted at both campuses during February. Look out for more details coming soon!

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