June 26, 2019

Why is LinkedIn so crucial in todays world of recruitment and opportunities?

Today our blogger is our very own Sam Bibby, who prior to joining the Careers and Employability team at GSM worked in the cut throat world of agency recruiting.

As a former recruitment professional it astonishes me how many students and professionals do not have a LinkedIn profile, don’t use LinkedIn effectively or don’t see the value in it all together! It is an excellent marketing tool and can be useful for many uses, highlighted below.

Sam Bibby
Sam Bibby
  • LinkedIn is the world’s most powerful Networking sites attracting 2 new members a second (total 161 Million users) across all industries.
  • LinkedIn has one of the most effective and efficient Job Boards you will find online (many which include a 1 click apply option), with links to the recruiters/employers who post the ads.
    • LinkedIn is one of the most power sources of Market Information, Company information and information regarding the team you could potentially be working In. Be nosy, try it out! Use it as a tool for gathering information before an interview.

As a professional working at GSM I know first-hand how powerful it can be.  In fact the reason why I am here is because I was approached on LinkedIn and a relationship starting building between myself and my existing manager.

Why LinkedIn is important within Corporates?

Corporates, historically often have long winded recruitment processes.  It involves assessment centres, psychometric tests, interviews, telephone screening and more! But to even get to the first stage you of the process, you will encounter the C.V black hole! This sounds scary, and it should scare you. Your C.V. will go through an online portal; the devil in an application process.  Once you have got through this, the information gets submitted into a database (some containing 20,000+ applications at any one time).  A dedicated team will search for the relevant skill set. It’s hard to get noticed; your C.V. will be forgotten and will get lonely.

How do we counteract this process?

Well, quiet simply networking, finding out whom the relevant recruiters are per corporate. Run an easy search on LinkedIn which takes seconds; for example “HSBC Recruiter” will bring in around 100 results. A good place to start, build a relationship up with a recruiter, it saves time and effort.

Reasons why I suggest this:

  • You get a straight answer!
  • You get help and guidance you wouldn’t normally receive through an online application!
  • You can ask what else you can do to improve your application!
  • You might not be right for that particular role, but think outside the box, you are building a relationship and that recruiter will remember you. So in 2 months’ time another role comes in and he contacts you straight away.
  • You can speak to a human, rather than throwing your computer screen out of the window.
  • It works, trust me.

Not only will you feel you are progressing, you will have an advantage over every other applicant. You will have a valuable connection, which will help, guide and coach you through the process.

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