June 24, 2019

Best apps for building your business

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The business owners and start-up entrepreneurs of the twenty-first century are truly blessed when it comes to technology. Apps and all sorts of internet-enabled gizmos are all just waiting to be snapped up and used to make businesses blossom, undercutting traditional service providers and putting a fresh spin on the professional process.

When it comes down to apps though, which are the best for business people?

Business Plan & Start

Available on iOS and Android, Business Plan & Start is an incredibly useful tool for people who aren’t too clued up on the process of creating a business plan. Perfect for career changers creating their first business, the app helps users create the best plan possible, letting them work through and understand each section in an easy-to-understand, walkthrough-like fashion.
There are also tutorials included, as well as community functions that allow users to talk to other entrepreneurs about the best planning practice.


If your business requires videoconferencing on a day-by-day basis – if you’re trying to coordinate employees who are operating across a number of countries, for example – then you need a good-quality communications application to allow fluid collaboration.
Fuze lets users, even if each is using a wildly different operating system or device, to contact one another via high-definition video and clean, clear audio, all from a single app. The service does come with a monthly fee, but thankfully there’s a free trial period to take advantage of, if you’re not 100% sure whether you’d like to commit.

My Minutes

Are you the kind of person who constantly finds time escaping from underneath your nose? My Minutes helps you to keep track of how much time you’re spending on the various aspects of your day, be they personal or business-related.
While it’s somewhat interesting to find out how long it takes to get ready in the morning, the business uses are far more useful. If you’re developing a company or have a large amount of work on your plate, by using My Minutes you can make your time count for something – in business, time is money, after all.

Square Register

If you’re in charge of or developing a business that has a point of sale, then do away with cumbersome cash registers and join the 21st century with Square Register.
Working from any device, the register app allows you to keep records of any and every transaction your business makes, send email or text message receipts, give customers discounts and refunds, and get an overall view of your business’ sales history. You can even track your inventory in real time, and the entire system connects to printers, scanners and cash drawers. Traditional retail with a digital edge.


New businesses – especially those crafted for the company of today – sometimes need dedicated apps creating for them. Unfortunately though, for small businesses in particular, the costs of hiring an app developer or digital agency are often far too high, putting them out of the reach of slim budgets.
Instead of shopping out the work, by using an app-creator such as GoodBarber, the costs can be cut, all while retaining the high standard of quality that app-savvy customers both crave and expect.
GoodBarber allows users to easily create grade-making applications for their businesses, and thanks to the multitude of customisation and technical options and great levels of customer support, you’ll be able to make what you require in no time at all.


Apps are integral to the smooth running of businesses worldwide, and with the feathers listed above safely in your hat, you’ll be kitted out to succeed.

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