February 17, 2019

Are loud socks the new power tie?


As an aficionado of the merits and values of loud socks with an utter predilection for hyper striped hosiery with my sock draw being full of brands like happy socks and soul socks. I can’t help but draw a parallel with the power ties of the 90s made famous by the city traders. For me they give a sense of confidence and make great icebreakers when delivering careers advice or meeting a client.  socks

Loud socks are ‘Big business’ with even having the Kardashians Involved. With Robert Kardashian having designing his own line. They can come in a fantastic range of colours patterns or designs; they can have anything on them from cupcakes to lobsters to cartoon characters. Personally I own a pair with bright yellow ducks and one with a T-Rex on them.

In a sea of black a grey suits it is understandable that some may wish to express their individuality in a subtle way.

However’ there is debate in the professional community on their place at work. I will stop here ‘briefly’ and urge caution. If you are attending your first interview I would swap the bright colours for a more conservative blue grey or black pair. As you will have the time in the world to dust of the vibrate visage of spectacular socks once you have started.

The New York Times wrote this piece looking at the Silicon Valley and how the tech giants are wearing loud socks.

“I have been in meetings where people look down and notice my socks, and there is this universal sign, almost like a gang sign, where they nod and pull up their pant leg a little to show off their socks,” said Hunter Walk, 38, a director of product management at YouTube, whose favourite pair is yellow, aqua and orange striped. “


An article written in Quartz suggests that it builds up your brand as a gusty or creative guy.

“Colorful or character socks show playfulness and make a great icebreaker or way to connect with others, “the article later says. “Another possible advantage of wearing fanciful socks and other unexpected attire: You build a brand as the gutsy guy or a creative type.”


Not everyone is a fan in the Wall Street Journal they publish an article suggesting that the trend is over Michael Hess, 35, head of marketing at a social news agency in New York, realized his predilection for novelty socks had gone too far when a well-intentioned client gave him bright pink and blue flamingo-motif socks as a gift. “They looked like a Hawaiian shirt on a guy going on a cruise,” said Mr. Hess, who admits he’s worn “cheap, ugly argyles.”


The 20th century has littered with a history of questionable history attire. In the 1950’s we saw the New York ‘Mad Men’ dressing with fedoras and brief cases. The 1980’s saw a time of change of women where challenging the glass ceiling, with this social change came classic 80’s shoulder pads.


Are loud socks are just the millennials version of Fedoras and shoulder and shoulder pads doom to be ridiculed by future generations?


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