June 26, 2019

GSM London – University Life

GSM London expectations

When I first started at GSM London I hoped I would find like-minded people to myself; I had always heard numerous stories from other people about how fun Uni was, all of the crazy nights out they had, all of the memories they had made with the people they had met and I really hoped I would make some of my own memories like theirs when I started…Minus the crazy nights out.. Well, maybe just one or two if the opportunity ever presented itself.. I mean it would be rude not to wouldn’t it??

What degree did I choose?

I am on the Business Management with Creative Industries degree and from that very first lecture we all had together, I knew I had found people that thought similarly to myself and we shared common interests. A lot of time in the beginning was spent getting to know each other and we all made the effort to spend our breaks together and go for lunch as a group. Being that our degree is one of the newer ones at GSM London, there is a buzz of excitement surrounding all the potential in things we can do and take part in. A lot of the buzz, granted, we create ourselves! But hey, one day when we make it people will wish they had paid more attention to us in the beginning! Haha!

Finding people that you can have fun with but also people that you can sit down to work with has been the biggest help to me! Uni is hard work and it’s so refreshing to lighten the mood a little when the workload is mounting up!

GSM London supporting students

GSM allows us students to get involved and have our say, they are also very good at advertising the achievements of the students they have. One of my peers has started his own clothing brand which was then advertised on GSM’s official Instagram! Things like that really helps to boost students spirits and shows that we are a part of a community of people at Uni that are all cheering us on to succeed, in whatever it is we decide to do.

New experiences and opportunities

So, having said this, I think one of the most important things to do if you want to really get the most out of your university experience is to get involved in as many opportunities as you can. One of the best parts of my GSM experience so far has been joining the subject heroes, I literally just saw a poster in reception looking for student bloggers and vloggers. At first, I was torn between whether I should apply or not as I didn’t really know what it would involve, but I decided I had nothing to lose and I am so glad I did!! Subject heroes have enabled me to meet new people and take part in things I would never have beforehand. Last week I went to one of our meetings, and we actually met with a director/filmmaker to draw up our plans for our very own videos!! How exciting!! Even me writing this now, there is the freedom for your thoughts and ideas to be heard. That’s an experience I would never have been a part of had I not of got involved with the subject heroes and we honestly have so much fun!
I have also realised that food is also of utmost importance when it comes to uni!!! Ha!! The greatest times are often spent eating with peers! 😊😊

Ultimately university certainly is made up of memories and activities that you will remember for years to come and I am glad that I chose GSM London!

Jade Flannery
Subject Hero

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