Admissions Policy and Student Contract

Admissions policies:

GSM London's Academic regulations contain a number of policies relevant to you joining. Please note the following:

Young or Vulnerable Applicants (Including under 18)

This policy explains how the College’s admissions process will deal with admitting vulnerable students including those who are aged seventeen (17) or younger on the date their programme begins. If you do have any questions or queries regarding Admissions polices the Admissions Team will be happy to speak to you and guide you through the processes.

View the Young or Vulnerable Applicants policy

Student Contract (Terms and Conditions):

The Student Contract forms the contract between you and the College. You will be asked to read and agree to its terms as part of the acceptance of Offer. It is very important that you read and understand it prior to signing the acceptance. Should you have any questions or queries please speak to the Admissions Team.

Below are some key points from the Student Contract:

1. We will terminate your Contract with GSM London, without liability, in the first 3 weeks of the programme if:

  • You do not provide all the evidence to meet the conditions of your offer
  • You do not complete your enrolment on the programme
  • You do not make your initial payment in line with your agreed payment plan or you do not provide evidence of applying to the Student Loan Company (SLC)
  • You do not attend all sessions on your programme without good reason

2. Special rules apply if you fail to complete your programme within the specified length of study. Please read our Fees, Refund & Debt Policy, which you can find at: Consolidated Policies and Regulations

3. We will terminate your Contract with the College, without liability, if:

  • You have given false or misleading information in your application
  • You cannot prove that you are currently entitled to enter and remain in the United Kingdom for the purposes of study
  • You violate our regulations on Student Behaviour and Discipline or Academic Misconduct; acquire a criminal conviction; are not fit to study or practise
  • You fail to comply with reasonable requests for information or to meet any specific requirements of your study programme
  • You fail to pay any tuition fees by the due date we specify. See full Terms and Conditions >
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