Active learning methods

In contrast to the traditional 'listen, memorise and repeat' approach to teaching, degree programmes at GSM London incorporate active learning methods. Active learning promotes a deeper understanding of key concepts and topics by encouraging students to explore them independently, or collaboratively with their peers, rather than just memorising information.

How does active learning help?

Examples of active learning range from role play exercises and classroom debates to group projects such as making a video or creating a brochure. Depending on your course, you might even find yourself running an event or developing a campaign.

Whatever the specific method, the emphasis is on testing ideas, making mistakes and finding solutions. By shifting the focus away from the lecturer at the front of the class, it's a less restrictive approach to learning — there is no right or wrong answer, it's all about trying things out, reflecting on your experiences, and learning from them.

This active approach is not only highly engaging but also helps you develop valuable employability skills, such as communication and teamwork, enabling you to become more independent and self-assured in everything you do.

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