GSM London does not offer any specific student accommodation such as designated student halls and therefore has no responsibility over providing student accommodation on either campus. However, our Accommodation Coordinator may be able to provide some guidance and advice.

GSM Londons accommodation relies on private landlords offering up accommodation through renting out privately. At times, the Accommodation Coordinator is able to pair availability up with students that are looking for accommodation. This option is only available when landlords have reached out to GSM London and informed about their available accommodation and are willing to enter a partnership with GSM London.

There are a number of different accommodation options for students studying at GSM London.

Living with a landlord

Living with a landlord can be a great experience as they are often supportive and flexible with living arrangements, so long as you show respect for their home. Be aware that you could be asked to leave at short notice.

Sharing with other students

Sharing a property with other students can be great fun. Before you sign up check if you will need to budget for utility bills as well as rent. Renting on an AST (Assured Shorthold Tenancy) provides some security as most places require your agreement to rent for six months to a year.

Local student hostel

At any stage of their course, students can apply for a place at a student hostel.

For accommodation help or advice please contact us at

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