Higher Education Access and Participation Statement

Mission: Enriching our students' life choices through education and scholarship.


GSM London is an independent provider of Business Education, Law and Economics, which has been established for over 40 years. Our distinctive educational character arises from a commitment to addressing the needs and preferences of under-served, widening participation (WP) student populations (BAME: mature; disadvantaged) by providing value-for-money accelerated, standard and extended degrees to support social mobility and inclusion. This requires a nuanced and flexible approach to student success as these learners often have complex lives, which involves juggling family and employment responsibilities with the demands of study.

The College is located across two campuses (Greenwich and Greenford) serving some of the most deprived urban communities, characterised by poorer progression rates to HE and a lower level of the population educated to level 3 and above. Our students are typically the first in their families to access higher education and many have encountered significant barriers which have hindered their educational progression. The College provides a supportive and nurturing environment to enable students to build self-esteem, gain confidence and realise their potential. We are proud of our students who display the positive characteristics identified by Garrison and Gardener (2012) in their study of mature first generation HE students.  Typically they are more proactive, goal-directed, optimistic and reflexive than some other groups entering HE. We utilise these assets to build on individual student strengths, which supports their transition and success.

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