Academic References

What is an Academic reference?

An Academic reference is a letter which includes information about a student which Institutions of Higher Learning can request, for example; Universities for Postgraduate courses.
It includes information such as:
Student name - The Course that was studied at GSM London
Start and End date - Classification (if graduated)
Academic skills acquired during the Course, for example; Research Skills

How do I request an Academic reference?
This is done by contacting the student hub via email at: (Greenwich Campus) (Greenford Campus)
We will need the following:
Student ID Number - Your full name
Details of the person you would like the reference sent to (Name, organisation, email or full postal address

How long does it take?
10 working days if consent to share is included, as this type of reference has to be given to the Academics for their input. The reference may be delayed if consent to share is not included.

How will I be notified?
The reference is sent directly to the Institution of Higher Learning even if the student requests this information on their behalf, as the information contained therein is confidential.

Any questions?
If you have any questions, please contact the Student Hub via email at: (Greenwich Campus) (Greenford Campus)