Meet our Faculty

Just like our students, the academic staff at GSM London come from a diverse range of backgrounds and with that they bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the classroom.

Many have spent years in industry, others are involved in leading-edge academic research, and some offer extensive experience in both areas. There are also those who joined the world of academia through GSM London's very own Teaching Fellows progamme. What they all share is a passion for education and a determination to ensure that every student fulfils their potential, in the classroom and beyond.


Executive Dean

Christy Traore

Christy Traore joined GSM London in 2013 from BPP University College of professional Studies, where she was Director of Postgraduate & Professional Programmes and then Director of Academic Collaborations & Partnerships. Christy brings a mix of rigour and flair to her role as Executive Dean at GSM London

Deputy Deans

  • Deputy Dean (Teaching and Learning): Liz Larner
  • Deputy Dean (Student Engagement): Robert Clarke

Department Heads

  • Digital Innovation and Creative Enterprise: Tara McBride
  • Economics, Accounting and Finance: Dr. Ann Marsden
  • Energy and ProcurementBaba Sheba
  • Human Resource and Management: Marcia Hazzard
  • Law: Rosie Watson
  • Marketing, Events, Travel and Tourism: Philip Pryce


  • Work Based Learning and Professional Programmes: Andrew Gould
  • Language and Skills: Joanna Mirek-Tooth