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Why higher education is the right choice for you

Higher education opens up new opportunities to change your life and status, to boost your career prospects and earnings potential, and not least to study a subject you are interested in and achieve your own ambitions. You will experience a rich cultural scene, meet different people and establish lifelong networks.

No matter what your age or background is, if you are going to study a degree with your friends or family, or whether you are the first in your family to go to university, higher education could be the right choice for your future.

  • Increase your confidence
  • Learn how to develop your strengths
  • Meet new people, work in groups
  • Expand your skills and knowledge in a particular field
  • Set yourself up for work with new practical skills
  • Learn new theories and concepts and apply them to the real world
  • Career progression at managerial level
  • Explore areas in a safe environment where any falls backs are new learnings
  • Make your family and community proud

GSM London - Distinctive higher education

At GSM London we take pride in engaging in a new culture of higher education. Our distinctive approach to teaching and learning enables individuals to discover their talents and nurture them into personal and career success. We recognise that every individual is talented and our students choose GSM London for a life-changing experience, for themselves and for those around them. Our role is to:

  • help you identify your strengths through innovative teaching
  • transform you into a confident business leader through our entrepreneurial ethos
  • guide you along your journey through one-to-one advice and support

You can do it

We have degree options for everyone with the desire and motivation to succeed. Students can graduate within two years with our fast-track degrees, or study for a traditional three-year degree. There are options for those without formal qualifications too: the Foundation Year Zero, part of our extended degrees, is designed to equip students with the skills and confidence to succeed in their studies.

You can afford it

At GSM London students can study close to home, save on rent cost and stay within their network of family and friends. You will also benefit from quality university degrees that are 33% lower than most other local universities. Student loans are available to cover your tuition fees, and our Course Advisors can advise you on how to apply.