Student life


Our Students Union brings both campuses together to have fun at a range of events from parties, entertainment and live music. Cultural weekend trips in the past have included Liverpool and Amsterdam, and social day trips to football matches, paintballing and city attractions. We also run sports and exercise classes, to get fit and socialise

Clubs and societies

Our cultural diversity society, Unity, celebrates music and arts from a huge range of nationalities, religions and traditions. Cultural events have included: a Diwali party with Indian music, dress, and dishes, an Arabian night with shisha, food and music in an alcohol-free venue, and a Christmas party.

City life

London offers plenty of exciting opportunities. If you want to find out more about film, music, theatre or comedy, you can join us on our trips – amongst the fun options are music events and festivals.

Alternatively, if you’d rather do your own thing, let us point you in the right direction!