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Many students have given up jobs and salaries in order to study. When the student loan comes through it might be a bit of an initial shock! Most of your classmates will be in a similar position, they may have children and other commitments that still need looking after. You may also be worried about how your studies are being funded.

The Student Finance team are there to help you with funding applications for your studies. They are available in the Student Hubs at both campuses and are trained to help you as much as possible.

You may find the need to budget is more important than ever. There are many online tools you can use to help plan your finances. We like the MoneySavingExpert one because it seems more realistic and grounded than others.

There is also a myriad of niche grants and funding sources available for people in specific circumstances. Faith groups, for instance, often have charitable means to help those in education. You have search for a range of grants using this Grant Finder >

You can find great tips about student money saving on the MSE Forum >

Whatever happens, come and speak to us. We can offer practical help through Student Finance or support through the Well-Being service to stop it overwhelming you.

Do money worries affect your mental health? The NHS has some helpful tips and advice >