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Make a Flying Start to your Foundation Year

Flying Start is a series of classes designed to build your confidence in numeracy, computer skills, and English: some of the core skills you’ll need to succeed on your learning journey at GSM London.

When are the sessions taking place?

The next booster classes are taking place on Wednesday 1 February and Thursday 2 February, between 10am and 5pm.

Who is Flying Start for?

Flying Start is aimed at Foundation Year students who’ve been away from education for a while and whose study skills are a little rusty. If that sounds like you, Flying Start can help. Register Here>

What are the benefits?

At GSM London we want to give you every chance of success on your learning journey – and it begins with Flying Start.

  • Improve your academic skills Flying Start refreshes key academic skills like maths, English and computing so you can approach your Foundation Year with a real sense of confidence in your abilities.
  • Ease yourself into life at GSM London You’ll get used to being in a classroom, interacting with lecturers, and finding your way around campus. So you’ll feel right at home when your Foundation Year begins.
  • Meet other students You’ll buddy up in class and get to know fellow students. Which means you’ll already have some friendly faces around on that first day of your first semester.

How long is it?

You’ll generally attend two or three classes for each of the core Flying Start subjects: numeracy, English and computer skills. Classes are between one and two hours long and are free to attend.

Your Flying Start classes will take place over a two-week period between enrollment and your start date. Or, if you’re late to sign up, you can do an intensive version of Flying Start one week before your induction.

How do I qualify?

Your chosen course already qualifies you for these classes. However, before you start your first session, please make sure that you complete your enrolment by coming to see one of our course advisors; our offices are open Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm and on Saturday from 12pm to 5pm.

Enrolmenent means that you will have your photo taken and we will fast track your students logins so you can access the GSM London student portal and get ready for your degree in advance of your fellow classmates.

Register for Flying Start

To register for Flying Start click here or talk to one of our course advisors. They also answer any questions you may have.

To speak to a course advisor, call 020 8516 7881.

Attend the Flying Start pre-introduction to get a head start and to make your studying at GSM London one of the best experiences in your life. Good luck!"
Sybil John, Business Management student 

Flying Start gave me the confidence and motivation that I was lacking, it was inspiring, informative and educative. The lecturers were very friendly and happy to help. What an initiative."
Yakubu Ahmed Abdullahi, Business Management student

Flying Start was a brief synopsis of what to expect in terms of learning and what is expected of us as a student throughout the semester. The tutorial was refreshingly effective as it elevated my level of interest for the course."
Kazeem Adebayo Adekeye, Human Resources with Management student