Meet our Faculty

Just like our students, the academic staff at GSM London come from a diverse range of backgrounds and with that they bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the classroom.

Many have spent years in industry, others are involved in leading-edge academic research, and some offer extensive experience in both areas. What they all share is a passion for education and a determination to ensure that every student fulfils their potential, in the classroom and beyond.

Executive Dean: Christy Traore

Christy Traore joined GSM London in 2013 from BPP University College of professional Studies, where she was Director of Postgraduate & Professional Programmes and then Director of Academic Collaborations & Partnerships. Christy brings a mix of rigour and flair to her role as Executive Dean at GSM London

Deputy Deans

  • Deputy Dean (Teaching and Learning): Liz Larner
  • Deputy Dean (Student Engagement): Robert Clarke

Department Heads

  • Digital Innovation and Creative Enterprise: Tara McBride
  • Economics, Accounting and Finance: Dr. Ann Marsden
  • Energy and ProcurementBaba Sheba
  • Human Resource and Management: Marcia Hazzard
  • Law: Rosie Watson
  • Marketing, Events, Travel and Tourism: Philip Pryce


  • Work Based Learning and Professional Programmes: Andrew Gould (from September)
  • Language and Skills: Joanna Mirek-Tooth