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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The College’s vision of ‘social justice and inclusion’ depends upon effective Board leadership which collectively ensures the delivery of its purpose, the setting of its strategic direction and the upholding of its values.

Under the Articles of Association and the Instrument of Government, the Board has specific responsibility, among other things, for the determination of the educational character and mission of the College; oversight of its activities, financial solvency, compliance with the law, approval of budgets, and acting as the steward of the College’s long-term health and sustainability.  

The Board approves the College’s mission, vision and values and strategy, and is responsible, with the wider College community and the executive, for ensuring that those objectives are effectively delivered.  It agrees Key Performance Indicators against which it can monitor the College’s performance against target.  

The Board currently meets on a monthly basis: a formal Board Calendar of Meetings for the Board and its committees is drawn up annually.

Contact details:

To contact the Board of Directors, please email: or write to:

FAO Secretary to the Board of Directors

GSM London 
London Bridge Study Centre 
56 Tabard Street 
London SE1 4LG


Professor Sir Robert Burgess

Professor Chris Brady
Independent Member

Independent Member
Chair of the Audit Committee

Independent Member

Michael Needley
Independent Member

Douglas Bogg
Independent Member

Chris Holmes
President and Chief Executive

Debi Hayes
Provost and Chief Academic Officer

Steve Macro
Chief Financial Officer