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The Future is Here, The Future is E-Commerce! 2016 was another great year for e-commerce with online sales sitting at £60.4 billion just before Christmas – a 14.9% rise on 2015. UK E-Commerce 2016 Growth Every business is now a digitally mediated business on a potentially global stage, with innovations such as consumerisation, mobile, big …

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Nyasha Pitt is a passionate content marketer, with more than 20 years’ experience, both in-house and in agency. Nyasha has worked for clients and companies including The London Taxi Company, Butlins, Land Securities, National Express, English Heritage and Marstons Pub Company. Find out more about her and connect at: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/nyasha-pitt-96bba713 It’s an exciting time to …


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For many hopeful entrepreneurs, the inspiration to start a new business can come from almost anywhere – whether it’s a sudden inspiration for a revolutionary product, a desire to make the world a better place, a simple profit motive, the reasons are as varied as businesses themselves. Whatever the reason behind a new venture, there …

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At GSM London we are really proud of our Work based learning (WBL) programmes and Andew Gould the programme leader for Work-Based Learning and Head of the Centre for Work-Based Learning and Professional Programmes at GSM London has written a article about the benefits of WBL on the Talent Chamber, part of South East London Chamber …

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Classroom technologist Fardin Amiri, who works at GSM London’s Greenford campus, is helping to raise money to help the homeless in London and some of Spain’s poorest people. How can you support Fardin to help the homeless? Fardin is part of the London-based charity ‘Who is Hussain?’, which organises weekly food drives, haircuts and the …

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Across the world, countries and their businesses are waking up to the fact that growth and prosperity simply can’t be enjoyed without first fostering contacts and relationships across the globe. While there’s something to be said for translation software, nothing beats the reputational and interpersonal benefits that are gleaned from speaking a language first-hand to …

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GSM London’s Energy Futures Week GSM London’s Energy Futures Week (EFW) will run from March 20 – 24, 2017 across both the Greenwich and Greenford campuses. The week-long event promises to provide insights into the key issues facing the sector and highlight possible career pathways for students taking up an oil and gas degree. The …

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Enterprise and Small Business Development Star Level 3 Enterprise and Small Business Development student, Sistarmama Montgomery has already made a big impact in her foundation year. Sistarmama considers herself to be a “creative fashion designer” who provided a collection of her fantastic outfits and head wrap designs for two GSM London fashion shows held at …

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There sometimes comes a point in our lives where we take stock and think about how our professional lives have progressed, and where our careers might take us in the future. For some, however, the conclusions drawn aren’t all that positive. If you’re a person who wants to make a professional transformation, improving your career …

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According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development we spend, on average, 36.5 hours each week in the workplace. As such, it makes sense that we ensure this time is as positive and enjoyable as possible. Yes, there can be occasional tribulations and stresses in any role, but overall, many people aspire to having …

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