It’s always great a pleasure to get feedback from our students thanking staff for their hard work and dedication. This week we would like to highlight one person in particular, Sarah Falusi – GSM London Course Advisor. We would like to share with you all the personal thanks Sarah received for helping Sancha Sidney, a …

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GSM London

Should students really have to put their ambitions on hold to attend university for 3 years? We think not. Students are being forced to put their careers on hold because of a university establishment fixated on outdated timescales according to Debi Hayes, Provost of GSM London – one of the UK’s largest independent higher education …

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GSM London

During the past few months GSM London has been working very hard to put together a new video campaign. We embarked on  this project knowing where we wanted to go; we knew that we wanted to inspire the viewers to Have Bold Dreams, believe in themselves and believe in a better future. What made us want …

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