Once you have chosen your course you may need to find somewhere to live. Our Accommodation Manager is available to all students to provide support in finding somewhere to live and provide advice on accommodation issues.

Accommodation options

There are a number of different accommodation options for students studying at GSM London.

Living with a landlord

Living with a landlord can be a great experience as they are often supportive and flexible with living arrangements, so long as you show respect for their home. Be aware that you could be asked to leave at short notice.

Sharing with other students

Sharing a property with other students can be great fun. Before you sign up check if you will need to budget for utility bills as well as rent. Renting on an AST (Assured Shorthold Tenancy) provides some security as most places require your agreement to rent for six months to a year.

Professional house-share

We can help find a house-share with professional landlords near to the college. Rent normally includes all bills and wi-fi. Tenancies are usually for one year. Their properties are well maintained with kitchens and bathrooms professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

Local student hostel

At any stage of their course, students can apply for a place at a student hostel.

Bed and breakfast

We can help book bed and breakfast accommodation with nearby hotels or local families.


For accommodation help or advice please contact us at or call 020 8516 7850.